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Jan 08

at 1.26 a.m. I’m grateful for:

1. my MRI results coming back normal. no tumor in my brain. let’s celebrate.
2. all the friends that called/sent me texts to make sure i was okay. i am sorry to have worried you. thank you for thinking of me and for being so wonderful.
3. hot water bottles. so comforting. i hate cold feet in bed. when we were little we were obviously raised by parents too frugal to purchase multiple hot water bottles so my mum actually made us hot water bottles using 2 litre coke bottles, filling them with hot water (that would sometimes melt the plastic) and then wrapping them in old woolen blankets or socks. they served a purpose i guess but in the morning they would be cold hard bottles of water at our feet.
4. the ‘safety glasses man’ icon on skype. and the person who always uses it when we chat.
5. hot water with lemon and honey
6. agave. (honey reminded me that agave is my new favorite sugar substitute).
7. h20. in general. in all forms. ocean. water i drink every day. rain. especially rain storms. clouds. waterfalls.
8. mac products (not the make up line – though that is pretty cool too). have you seen the new ‘mac air’. swoon. i want one.
9. my mixed tape maker mm. so much good music has entered my world in the last two months.
10. road trips. these are essential.
11. american idol auditions. okay i know, i know…this is like the lowest common denominator form of tv. and this coming from a girl who heckles people that watch ‘lost’ or ‘heroes’…i have to admit i have a weakness for the auditions…no matter how contrived.
12. air travel. which will bring me my friend ladan in a handful of days. i have to figure out what we will do for her week in nashville. so far my plans consist of finding a place where we can go mechanical bull riding. yikes.
13. brunch. it’s just such a great meal. not breakfast. not lunch. leisurely and delicious. brunch at marche is top of the list. they make their french toast with croissants! how can you go wrong with that?
14. fruit. which reminds me, did you know you can get freeze dried mango? mm sent me some and i’m swiftly becoming obsessed with astronaut food.
16. fessenjoon in a jar that i found at the persian food store.
17. orchids
18. prayer
19. hot air balloons. i really want to go on a hot air balloon ride this year.
20. second chances
21. memories
22. getting to live and work with one of my best friends
23. my new zealand citizenship
24. music and the people that create it.
25. being adopted by other people’s parents since mine are too far away.
26. most of all, at 1.26 a.m. i am grateful for the abundance of hope and happiness i feel right at this moment.

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1 comment on “at 1.26 a.m. I’m grateful for:”

  1. amy Says:

    glad your MRI was clean.
    I just discovered agave nectar last month. I LOVE it.

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