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May 08

bad blogger

yes, i know i’ve been inconsistent with my blog. which is a shame because there is so much i want to blog about. like this *very* moment. (eckart would be proud of me living in the ‘now’). i have dev in my kitchen wearing a cowboy hat (that belongs to marabeth) (i wanted to make it clear that it wasn’t his) (although he’s taken QUITE a liking to it). he is making sugar free, wheat free, gluten free pecan pancakes. they are the most amazing pancakes i’ve ever had. ryan lash is sitting at my table playing scrabulous and throwing out deliciously sarcastic comments. we will be picking up rach from the airport soon. party planning is well underway – i had a bit of a scare because there will be THUNDERSTORMS tomorrow but the boys are figuring out a plan b. plan b involves speaking in code so golriz doesn’t get stressed out, and looking up prices for astro turf.


text o’ the day:

‘there is a HUGE sign by the highway that proclaims “HELL IS REAL”…oh how i’ve missed the south!’ (emily JEM price)


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6 comments on “bad blogger”

  1. amy Says:

    your party is going to be so much fun! wish i could be there but i will be thinking of you guys!!!

  2. Juicebox Says:

    this sounds amazing and those pancakes sound so yummmmmyyyy!!! yay for gluten free anything :)

  3. Ghetto Blaster Says:

    i miss that cowboy… the only reason im letting him stay out there is because im letting him bask in the glory of being near you. lucky dog he is!

  4. Yas Says:

    yumminess and fun!! let those boys spoil you and have a fabulous party!

  5. bbg. Says:

    hope you have a fabulous party! i’m also supporting the gluten free pancakes :) enjoy!! -nooshin.

  6. a penny for the old guy Says:

    i think you’re all a bunch of gluten-free hippies.

    enjoy your party!

    much love

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