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May 08

basking in the bliss of having nowhere to be

things i’m excited about as of this very moment

1. getting a pair of amazing tickets to see Swell Season. If you’ve watched the movie Once you will already know about the exquisite melding of the voices of Irish musician Glen Hansard and Czech singer and pianist Markéta Irglová. if you haven’t watched the movie Once you should stop reading this and figure out a way to see this movie. Tonight if possible.

2.i have NO plans this weekend. there is not one place I need to be. i have been craving a weekend that is a blank slate and here it is. this actually just leaves more time for planning 06.01 shenanigans…which leads me to

3. i’m having a ‘mad hatters garden tea party’ for my birthday! it is going to be mayhem and madness. i have ruined holley’s life because she stays up all night thinking of amazing ideas like spray painting my backyard like a chess board.

i will be sending out formal invitations. but if you read my blog, and you are not creepy, and there is a chance that we could be friends, then i warmly invite you to attend.

4. i think i might do another round of thrift store hunting. the last escapade proved very fruitful. besides party decorations like tiny teacups and rusty chandeliers, i found a little camel colored leather italian purse that reminds me so much of roya azadi that i might have to send it to her (hi! roya) and an etcha-sketch for 39 cents which from now on will be referred to as ‘the best thirty nine cents i’ve ever spent’.

5. seeing alvin ailey on wednesday night.

6. my blue ipod shuffle. i succumbed to its itsy bitsy lure. you know that you are living in the time of the Jetsons when the regular ipod which contains your entire music collection just becomes too much of a burden to carry around. it’s funny, i still definitely recall making my first mix tape and now with a few clicks you can wear hundreds of your favorite songs on your lapel. ha. i don’t think i have one item of clothing with a lapel. but you get the point.

7. sunshine. did you really think you would get a list that didn’t mention my friend?

8. i now have a new last name:

golriz lucina

lucina is derived from Lucine – which is an Armenian word meaning moon light. i’m half-armenian for those of you who didn’t know – i can prove this by my love for all things made of pastry and cheese, and my freckles.

i also found out recently that there is a main belt asteroid named 146 Lucina (whatever a main belt asteroid is), also that hamearis lucina is a type of butterfly, and that lucina is the goddess of childbirth in Roman mythology.

i have googled golriz lucina and i think i am the only one in the world…surprise, surprise. oh and the ‘c’ is pronounced like ‘cee’, not ‘ch’. although feel free to say it however you want, i don’t mind, after all i respond to Gold Reeves.

9. trampoline in our back yard may be a reality by the end of the day pending a return call from the person selling one on craigslist.

10. a wonderful friend who will be here in two sleeps and will be forced to make me his brown rice pancakes that i’ve heard altogether too much about.

hope you are all being the brilliant stars i know you to be. have a wonderful weekend!

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3 comments on “basking in the bliss of having nowhere to be”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    golriz lucina.
    its perfect. and i love the reference to light. beautiful.

  2. amy Says:

    Aaaah love the new name honey.
    LUCINA (with the CH harder sound) means “little light” in italian. very cute!

  3. nemoDreamer Says:

    :) i googled your name and fell on this page, where you’re all happy shiny about your new name :) it really is very happy shiny..

    why did i have to google you? because i’ve been getting a lot if “i cute girl prom china? you add me? i show you photos cheeky!” – friend-requests on skype lately… don’t you hate it that anybody can get you skypedateils from their database? i guess with a name like Golriz Lucina, you wouldn’t really hate anything, hm?

    aaaanyway, i have now found out who you are, neural synapses created adequate connections, and i’m happy to be part of this :D

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