// she's only happy in the sun.
Apr 08

belated happy birthday dear blog.

unfortunately, i don’t usually get around to responding to all the wonderful people that leave little comments on my blog. but i want you to know that they are read and received with so much love. it makes me happy/nervous/curious that people read my random entries. i am so glad to connect with friends all over the world who i adore. i’m nervous that i’m exposing too much of my life for the masses. and i’m curious as to why some people (me being one of them) enjoy reading the (sometimes mundane) menagerie of moments in someone else’s life.

i started this blog for several reasons:

a) i had time to fill
b) i missed writing
c) my mum needed constant updates that i was alive and well
d) i wanted a place to store the things that interested me: photographs, art projects, design ideas, frivolous objects that i would one day purchase. etc.

and so began the ‘she’s only happy in the sun’ blog.

the title is from one of my favorite ben harper songs. a favorite because my first ‘singer who i want to marry someday’ crush was on ben harper and because i am truly happy in the sun. i’m not sure if i’m only happy in the sun, but it is almost impossible for me be unhappy when basking in sunshine. so it works.

the ‘four cups of tea’ doesn’t have a deep philosophical meaning either. it just refers to the fact that i drink a whole lot of tea. and also ‘three cups of tea’ was taken. :)

so here i am on the back deck of our new little home feeling full. full of gratitude, hope, and the delicious sushi maz and i had for lunch. i’d love to have each of you out here with me on this gorgeous nashville day. i’d make a huge pitcher of limonana (lemons, crushed ice, fresh mint) and blast some cat empire. we would most certainly take “flying” pictures which i would most probably crop, adjust the contrast (much to rachael dere and ryan lash’s chagrin), and then post.

late afternoon sunlight filters through the trees and i’m sitting on a blanket that belonged to Q in haifa and was given to me by MM. i really couldn’t be much happier. i hope the same applies to you.


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