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Aug 07

blog post numero one hundred

one would hope that i would have something groundbreaking to say in my hundreth post. but i’m sorry to dissapoint.

i did want to show you the papermache rooster that m2 has in her room. everytime i walk by her room it is looking at me with its beady eyes. it is creepy.

it’s still hot here. 99 degrees. i don’t even remember what cool air feels like. or rain. if it rained i think i would go outside and jump in puddles. i’d be THAT excited.

i’m looking forward to the weekend. but that’s nothing new.
i have no big plans. and i love that. and that is new.
perhaps pool. staying cool.
sorry, i slept at 4am last night. late nights affect my coherency.
is coherency a real word?
i invent words like it is my job.
but i think that coherency might actually be a real word.
like hilarity.
which is also a real word. even though someone stopped me mid sentence recently and asked me if i made it up.

today was fun.
had lunch with a friend i don’t see enough.
the food was fantastic.
the conversation was even better.
lately i don’t have a lack of stories. that’s for sure.

the day zoomed by.
and then i was heading back over the bridge. listening to crowded house.
tonight involved a birthday party.
i didn’t really know the birthday boy.
so it was more than just a little awkward when he walked in and i yelled SURPRISE and he was thinking ‘umm, who are you?’
i did eat the best icecream cake of my life.

and finally, today i saw my first real live iphone. and the gadget lover in me was pretty much instantly enamoured.

wishing you all a weekend full of whatever you need the most.


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1 comment on “blog post numero one hundred”

  1. amy Says:

    oh happy 100th post!
    and yes, my first encounter with an iPhone was just… love at first sight. it’s fabulous.

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