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Sep 08


okay so i admit it, i’m a flighty blogger. nothing for days and then BAM(!) i’m bulk blogging to make up for it.

my bombardment of posts would not be complete without mention of the below song. it will always remind me of dev because he will decide, at random intervals in the day, that we need to listen to it. that it’s important to stop everything and start an impromptu dance party.

in other news:

i’ve been busy gearing up for the broadway season to start – the first show we are presenting is avenue q. i’m preparing for an outraged overly conservative southerner to throw a bible at my head. i’m just hoping it’s the paperback version.

i have discovered (thanks to anusce) the perfect sweet treat sans cane sugar: key lime pie lara bars. mmm. now i’m craving one.

i refuse to acknowledge that summer is nearly over.

raw onions give me headaches but i forget and eat them anyway.

i’m planning a road trip extravaganza with ryan lash to austin.

pine nuts take any dish to the next level. that next level is ‘level awesome’.

i’m spending a whole lot of time with this boy which results in feeling like the luckiest girl.

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2 comments on “chromeotastic.”

  1. amy Says:

    we love you even in your randomness.

  2. Write Softly Says:

    Although I am not even an overly conservative southerner, I promise not to throw a bible (paperback or otherwise) at your head. I saw avenue q ages ago and adored it. It’s the main reason I will never again misspell “schadenfreude.” Not that I was doing a lot of spelling of it in the first place.

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