// she's only happy in the sun.
Apr 08

cinematic orchestra is the perfect accompaniment to nyc explorations

today i saw a photograph of you
it was accidental
but perhaps it was necessary
a reminder that no matter how neatly this is wrapped up
how carefully we clean up this spill
wipe down the surfaces
and sweep away debris
there are still remnants
fibers and fragments
that still a heart
in its steps
i realized that i still recognize your mood
by the palette of your eyes
i wondered if i would ever forget
the subtleties
of you
and how much kinder it would be if i could

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3 comments on “cinematic orchestra is the perfect accompaniment to nyc explorations”

  1. Ghetto Blaster Says:

    getting the broom and sweeping it in the dustpan in the hardest part, picking it up and realizing there are still specs of dust the floor is the most frustrating. the specs will blow themselves away, under the fridge possibly.

    -this song is beautiful

  2. amy Says:

    i am truly moved.

  3. capone Says:

    sometimes we need the dust to remind us that the universe really does exist… and stars and hope and faith and the promise of wonderful….

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