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Aug 07

clickety click snappity snap

i don’t really know why i had the urge to step outside into the steamy air of nashville today (100 degrees people (!) – 37.7 degrees celcius, otherwise known as MELT YOUR ORGANS HOT). but i did. i went for an hour long walk during my lunch break and took some pictures of this new home of mine.

it’s still strange for me when i tell people i live in nashville. i feel like it doesn’t quite sound right coming out of my mouth. the response is always the same ‘why nashville?!’ i wish i had a decent answer for this. but i don’t. we came here on a road trip. it was supposed to just be for a week or so…we had a whole return journey planned out with stops in baltimore, dc, new york and boston. and yet, five months later, here i am. still. and even stranger perhaps, i’m happy to be here.

so here are some pictures taken in the city i currently call ‘home’.

tucked away

i’m in love with this wall. and it loves me back. obviously.

the world’s perception of nashville summed up in one sign

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