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Mar 08

close enough…

i’m going to start keeping all the variations of my name that i receive. make a whole scrapbook out of it. i’m definitely going to get ‘Gold Reeves’ printed onto a bright yellow tshirt to wear all summer long.

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4 comments on “close enough…”

  1. capone Says:

    you entries make me smile. thank you for that…

    we also should get you a t-shirt that reads: “you are so off my buddy list”

    yeah – i can see you rocking that.


  2. amy Says:

    i’d like a gold reeves t-shirt too. “team gold reeves”.

  3. Ghetto Blaster Says:

    how are they sooo off?


  4. RitaJeane Says:

    I would like to order one medium “Gold Reeves t-shirt.”

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