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Sep 08

conversations with the people i heart a whole lot.

g: so ryan just sent me a message to say he’s coming to stay

m: when?

g: um. tomorrow.

m: what?

g: he just said ‘i’ll be there tomorrow’

m: okay…well. for how long?

g: till we go to austin

m: were you going to give me advance notice?

g: isn’t this advance notice?

m: (sigh) parrots. canadians. whatever. invite them all.

and at that point i put my head on the table and laughed for about three minutes straight.

8:36 PM

r: can I bring you anything from canada?

we love it
i’ll make you pancakes

r: you can’t get maple syrup in nashville?

g: the maple syrup in nashville tastes like cowboy boot insole
well not really but it’s not legit
isn’t canadian maple syrup legit?
go tap a tree
get tapping

r: the legit-ist


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1 comment on “conversations with the people i heart a whole lot.”

  1. samimi-extremie Says:

    gol: have a great time with lasher. i wish i could be with you both and we could have the most insane photo shoot of 2008. it was so wonderful talking with you yesterday; you are so amazing!

    cant wait to see you someday…


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