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Aug 07

distracted. blog. about. nothing. in. particular.

tonight jc went shopping.
i needed bananas for my magic-bullet-smoothie-breakfast-of-champions.
there was a bit of hysteria on my end when he called and said there were no bananas left.
the idea of no bananas sort of terrifies me. because they are a staple in my life. sweet and delicious. carefully packaged by nature. so versatile. i could go on…but i know i’ve already lost you. probably back at ‘packaged by nature’…
(side story: when i was living in australia in 2006 there was some cyclone that damaged all the banana crops/trees/farms/plants (?) and instead of importing bananas, they (not sure who ‘they’ is) tried to support the farmers by selling the few bananas that survived at steep prices. basically the cost of one measly banana was equivalent to a snickers bar. so they became a hot commodity. and i realized how much i had taken them for granted my whole life. i began craving bananas. and it was awful because you would go to a restaurant and all the banana items were crossed off. no banana splits. or bananas in my oatmeal. or banana shakes. even the smoothie places had to use ‘banana substitute’ whatever that is.) so i was quite concerned about the sudden void of bananas at the store. especially because this was happening in america. and america has everything. even things you don’t want. like massive green pickles floating in pickle juice in plastic bags. but here in america you can pick these up at the gas station for less than a dollar. what is not to love about that? but then he found a bunch in the cereal aisle.
panic stations averted.
tonight jc was also introduced to the health food section. this is a step in the right direction for a guy who eats bagged salad. i’m so proud of him for navigating those aisles and picking up chai and organic burritos. sure, they are still out of a package but he’ll be marinating tofu in no time mark my words.


another productive monday night here at hillmeade…i cut m2’s FRINGE – yes, meredith, that’s what we say in New Zealand. can you handle it? fringe. fringe. fringe. not bangs. nope.

and then we ended up posing for pictures with scissors in hand. i’ve never been around two people who are as enthusiastic as i am to document all the mundane day-to-day moments of life.

what i need…okay, what i want:

an artist that can sculpt large objects out of tins of spam. i’m serious.
m2 NOT to show me her tonsil stones.
tickets to hootie and the blowfish.
a hairdryer because SOMEONE blew mine up and i haven’t had time to get another.
an iphone.
a day that is not one hundred degrees.
art for my walls.

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1 comment on “distracted. blog. about. nothing. in. particular.”

  1. a penny for the old guy Says:

    I have SO much art, and it’s not on my walls. It’s terrible, to know that I have photos by amazing artists (like ur artist-of-the-week) and paintings and little things done just for me and gifts from india and they’re all in boxes. I hate boxes. I have to say that. Like half my books are in boxes, and every now and then I think to myself ‘i’m sure i had a copy of gabriela garcia marquez’s collected novellas somewhere… where the hell is it?’ then I remember. In a box. With my spare prayer books. With my other other copy of Emily Dickinson poems, with my fancy pens, with my two different copies of the Well-Tempered Klavier. In conclusion: I need a place to live that’s large enough to remove stuff from boxes, and, finally, I understand your need to have art on your walls. Excuse the massive polemic I’m about to post on ur walls… just think, it’ll serve as just one extra form of too much news about me (ps. super tuesdays always works, smile of the day acheived).
    much love

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