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Feb 09


i don’t even know how i came across this site, but i find the guy modeling these clothes disturbing. do we really need to see him put the jackets on, and take them off? i get that flash can make websites interesting, but is he supposed to be creepy? or am i no longer hip to what’s hot?

i did wonder this as i watched the jonas bros with slight disgust at the grammy’s. the whole time i wanted stevie wonder to just ask them to sit down and pay attention to what real music was about.

alas. does this mean i’m old?

i think using the word alas probably answers my question, since last time i checked people under the age of 109 do not use this term in everyday speech.

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1 comment on “disturbia”

  1. Nina Says:

    Ths guy looks awkward and creepy.
    Why oh why did you share this?? The pain! lol

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