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Dec 08

easing back into the blogosphere with some lists

list of things i already love – though i haven’t yet experienced

hot air balloons
space travel
owning a tea shop
south america
rock climbing
an entire closet of thrift store finds
samoa.tonga.kiribati.basically any small island in the south pacific.
swimming with dolphins
being a mother
having an art studio
ice skating at rockefeller park


list of the one thing i will accomplish today because i’m tired of hearing myself talk about how much i really should do this

find and join a yoga class.


list of ten things that i don’t know 100% whether are true or not but have caused me to change my behavior/purchase choices/habits/hippy-status

1. bees are being fed corn syrup so they can produce honey all year round. so even though the label says ‘honey’ you are basically eating regurgitated corn syrup. unless it’s the raw/organic/cost-a-fortune kind.

2. regular antiperspirant has some chemical/metal in it that is bad for you. especially as you apply it so close to your lymph nodes (under your arms). natural deodorants are better for you. ‘toms of maine’ wins again.

3. shoes hanging over a telephone wire mean you can purchase drugs nearby. what i want to know is does the type of shoe reflect the kind of drug you can acquire?

4. the companies that create anti-virus software, are the ones who also create the viruses in the first place.

5. pc’s are lame. (this one i know is true).

6. eating cheese before you sleep can give you nightmares.

7. sleeping with the light on is not a good idea as there is some enzyme (?) that your body releases in complete darkness that your body needs. there was this study in israel, and they found that women who had a street light shining into their bedrooms had a much greater chance of being diagnosed breast cancer.

8. shell station and bp gas is not as good for your car as exxon mobile.

9. sugar weakens your immune system.

10. pomegranate juice purifies your blood but stains so badly that if you get it on your clothes there will be no going back to spotless.


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4 comments on “easing back into the blogosphere with some lists”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    “pc’s are lame. (this one i know is true)” – sensing some fanboyism…did you know that almost all apple products are physically designed on windows and linux pcs?

  2. golriz Says:

    no i didn’t know that.
    i also didn’t know the definition of ‘fanboyism’
    and now i do.

  3. amy Says:

    is no. # true? because then, there are LOT’S of drug buying spots by my house!

  4. John Says:

    I must say, the shoe thing is mostly true. . Though now that people now about it, I think kids do it for fun.

    Also, with the Exxon gas, I just don’t buy that. I think it’s a perception issue. They have really nice gas stations with really nice convenience stores. So it seems nicer. But is it really? And by what margin? I’m skeptical. While we’re talking about Exxon, though, THEIR PUMPS ARE FREAKING SLOW! k. That’s all.

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