// she's only happy in the sun.
Aug 07

excerpts from the rollercoaster ride

just got back from a long walk.
hot night.
stars were out.
you smelled like clean clothes and summer.
i always want to walk too fast.
you always ask me to slow down.
maybe it all comes down to that.


in response to a short summary of the past 6 months of my life a good friend wrote back one word: ‘what?’
it was the most perfect response to date.


today i ate the same thing for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
3 cheese quiche.
it was delicious. every single meal.


i get lost all the time.
it’s starting to bother me.
i mean, it’s not like nashville is even that big.
so why is it that i’m always off course and heading towards the back woods of tennessee?


there is always more to do at work. i don’t like the feeling of leaving and not ever being ‘finished’.
but i still enjoy what i’m doing. it actually interests me. which is pretty great.
someone once described a job that i think would be tedious (accountant) as “csi with numbers”. i love it when people are passionate about what they do. and in turn, can convey that. if you don’t enjoy what you spend the greater portion of your day doing, then should you be doing it? i don’t know. that seeems like a lot of wasted time and energy.


things i am excited about:

visits from friends. old and new.
the leaves changing color in autumn.
a potential trip to austin.
decorating and designing my space.
the fact that i have lots of fresh limes in my fridge which i pretty much eat whole.


when you took out my trash today i was reminded as to why you stood out in the first place. a simple act. no agenda. other than doing the right thing. leaving a place better than you found it. being helpful. it meant more to me than you know. or than i could tell you. but since you won’t read this, one day i will tell you. because those are the things you always wish you had said.


my mum is the best example i have of how to live a life without judgement of others, and giving the world your best. i don’t remember one instance where she was rude to someone, or harsh in her speech, or vindictive, or patronizing, or complaining. that is pretty amazing if you ask me.

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  1. JC Says:


    Feel free to call when you get lost. I’ve been m2’s personal GPS Navigation system for quite some time now.


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