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Oct 09


if you haven’t built a fort out of furniture, you haven’t really lived. i love forts so much that i want to screenprint t-shirts that say ‘make forts, not war’.

here’s a tribute to fantastic forts which was inspired by Booooooom and their Where the Wild Things Are fort creating contest. all these pictures below are submissions to the contest.

kinda makes you wanna dismantle your couch doesn’t it?

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5 comments on “fort-love-fest”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    When I was a kid, I had a fort built under the corner of my dad's desk where it met his drafting table. I called it my "Hidey-Hole."

    Eventually, I grew out of my Hidey-Hole physically, but I've never grown out of it mentally.

    I should make a new one.

  2. montague Says:

    my brother and i used to build forts all the time growing up. these are particularly awesome. thanks for sharim.

  3. seriouslyright? Says:

    so I'm not the only one?!?! Thank God!! I'm obsessed with forts. I just made one not too long ago at my brother's house (some things never change) and a bunch of us fell asleep in it. So much fun! Next time you guys come to L.A. guess what we're doing?…


  4. golriz lucina Says:

    yay to fellow fort-lovers!

    jennifer – i miss you! hope all is well.

    amy – my brother was also an awesome fort builder. i was more the 'decorator'. ha.

    angelique – dev and i will be back in LA on tuesday. let the fort building begin! i am sure emerson and liam wouldn't mind if we took apart their living room. the photo op's would be worth it. :)

  5. a penny for the old guy Says:

    i used to put together massive cardboard boxes (TVs, refrigerators etc) with trashbags. once i constructed a division in my room, fortifying a tiny corner by the use of posters and about 300 sheets of paper sticky-taped together and hung from the ceiling.

    very much kick-butt post G-riz.

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