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Mar 09

fotografing the fast.

i am lucky to have some super creative friends who are a constant source of inspiration. two of them, amy and leila, created a site last year called nineteen days, where they documented the baha’i fast through photographs. they would each take a photograph at dawn, and then at dusk, and post them as a composite with a quote from the baha’i writings, along with some brief musings on the fast.

i loved this site and was eagerly anticipating it starting up again this year.

well, you can imagine my excitement and glee (i love the word GLEE) when amy asked if i would participate this year. they asked 19 guest bloggers in total to post their dawn and dusk photographs for one of the days of the fast.

my day was yesterday and you can see my photographs here.

thank you amy and leila for letting me join in your delicious project.

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3 comments on “fotografing the fast.”

  1. amy Says:

    i am so so glad you could participate! love to you joon!

  2. Manijeh Says:

    i loved your dawn pic!
    its a fun project, connecting all of us all over the world!

  3. leila Says:

    love your delicious photos.

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