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Oct 08

geeky inventions o’ the day

mail goggles so you can avoid the email version of drunk texting.


and if you are so inclined you can send the future you an email.

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4 comments on “geeky inventions o’ the day”

  1. Colter Says:

    i knew a golriz at my highschool

  2. golriz Says:

    was it me?

    i didn’t know a colter in highschool. so probably not :(

    bummer. this could have been an exciting reunion.

  3. Sneezy Says:

    On the future email thing… When I go back and read my emails from a decade ago, I am surprised at how much I have changed.

    Also, the email account I used 10 years ago is dead. (As are some of the accounts between.) Something to think about when picking where that email will go.

  4. Juicebox Says:

    you always introduce the COOLEST websites. thank goodness for your blog, Golriz :D

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