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Dec 09

google street view = art

whenever i use google street view i feel a mix of awe and discomfort. i love that our planet is suddenly so accessible, but the fact that you can actually zoom in and see a location as if you are standing right in front of it, is also a little stalker-esque. no?

today, i stumbled upon an artist, jon rafman, who uses this tool to capture street views of interesting moments frozen in time. you can see more of the series here.

there is something haunting, beautiful, and immediate about these accidental photographs. i’m inspired to scour google street view and see what i can spy.



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1 comment on “google street view = art”

  1. Katya Says:

    Here is an artist, who not only finds interesting views on Google str view, but also makes drawings out of them
    i thought you may be interested)

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