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Aug 08

heaven on a stick.

today holley introduced me to las paletas – a little shop that sells gourmet mexican popsicles in the most exotic and delicious flavors you can imagine.

she had totally built this place up to me. gone on and on and ON about it. she told me about how there was no signage, and no advertising and yet there was always a constant stream of people pouring into the store. needless to say, my expectations were sky high. and ladies and gentlemen, las paletas did not disappoint.

i had just had a massive lunch of sweet potato fries and grilled trout (i recently decided to give pescetarianism a whirl. pescetariansm is like being an not-quite-vegetarian. i eat dairy and fish but no mammals or birds. we’ll see how long i last before i demand a nearly rare steak) so i wasn’t super hungry, and i wasn’t even really feeling like a popsicle.

so there i stood in front of their chalkboard full of options and decided on ‘tamarind’. you might not know about tamarind but it is one of my favorite things. there was a time when i was eating so much dried tamarind that i was wearing off the enamel on my teeth and they started getting really sensitive so i had to lay off the tamarind (and the pomegranate sauce, and the whole lemons, and the citric acid through a straw) but i digress – it’s basically an incredibly sour fruit used a lot in indian cooking.

so i order my posicle.
i unwrap.
i place in my mouth and woah.
it was hands down the most delicious popsicle i’ve ever had in my life. it was as if they had taken some fresh tamarind, mashed it up, frozen it and put it on a stick.

i’d been mourning the fact that there is no pinkberry in nashville, but i have to say, this beats pinkberry. in fact, i think it beats any other cold dessert i could get in nashville.

i can’t wait to go back and try the other flavors, and take friends, and watch their wide-eyed surprise and thorough enjoyment and bliss

…so here’s to yet another addiction.

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4 comments on “heaven on a stick.”

  1. amy Says:

    oh man, that’s what i want right now. pinkberry shminkberry.

  2. Ghetto Blaster Says:

    i dare to try anything that challenges my beloved pinkberry!

    (it sounds amazing!)

  3. golriz Says:

    girls – today i had pineapple chilli. it was a mexican hat party in my mouth.

    both of you need to be in nashville ASAPers so i can take you there and revel in the magic.


  4. holley Says:

    it’s all about the Hibiscus Gol. next time. like, tomorrow?

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