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Mar 08

hodge podge

i found out that my car is made of plastic. who knew? i found out when i tried to slap on a nine pointed star magnet onto my bumper and it wouldn’t ‘stick’. i somehow feel cheated.
when it snows in tennessee (as it did tonight) it results in people driving like they are hallucinating. they swerve and slam on their breaks for NO apparent reason. and then they rush to the store to get eggs and canned milk. like the apocalypse is around the corner.
today i tasted ‘persian icecream’. it is vanilla bean icecream with crushed pistachios, rose petals, rose water and nutmeg. it was the most delicious icecream i’ve eaten (except for my all time favorite – giffords black berry buggaboo fudge – which they’ve discontinued and i’m still distraught about that)
it was so heartwarming to see a 70 year old man open up his wallet and see that he had a picture of his wife inside. that’s the kind of love i want to find.
i can spend hours on this site. today i bought this necklace that i want to put on an extremely long gold chain and wear all summer long.
i might go trampoline shopping tomorrow.

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2 comments on “hodge podge”

  1. amy Says:

    love that etsy shop. and trampolines are dangerous. please be careful!

  2. Monday's Child Says:

    I love your blog I don’t even know how I got here… I just found the link saved onto my favorites from a while ago :)

    …love this post… I’ve been wanting to make persian icecream for ages as I have a vague memory from my childhood… thanks for the ingrediants :) and so odd you mentioned etsy just yesterday one of my best friends sent me the link and told me how she spent WAYY too much time on the site… :)

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