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Nov 08

i have a fringe [because bangs is not a pretty word]

in an attempt to get my mind off the sad state of my little henry, i watched back-to-back episodes of scrubs with my lovely boy, went shopping and got a haircut. the stylist massaged my head for about 10 minutes with aveda products and i nearly decided to forgo the hair cut and just pay her to keep massaging.

the latest on henry is that he is paralyzed from the middle down. he can’t stand, so he pulls himself along the floor. he can’t control his bowel movements. my heart broke all over again when frederick told me he can’t wag his tail.

surgery and an mri will cost $6500. that’s ludicrous. and there is no guarantee it will fix the problem. a lot of money to spend on a ‘maybe’. the other option is to just see if he heals by himself…since they haven’t really figured out the problem. i know frederick is stressed about the whole situation. and i feel helpless and just sad. right to my core.

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1 comment on “i have a fringe [because bangs is not a pretty word]”

  1. Manijeh Says:

    i’m so sad about henry. must be awful for you.
    you still look gorgeous when you are sad.
    love, m x

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