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Feb 09

if you end your email with stuff like this i will mock you. openly

i was forwarded an email today and it ended with this:

PS- If you have no clue who I am and/or why I have your email, I probably don’t know either. I would like to be your co-collaborator, but if you do not want to receive my random updates, just shoot me an email that says “While I find you rather interesting, I don’t find you quite interesting enough to receive your future updates. I already get enough email as it is, and by not having to read yours’, it saves me 2 minutes once a month or so. Please take me off your email list.” All I ask in return is that you take those two minutes and do one of the following: a) Give someone an unexpected compliment, b) think about something “taboo,” from a different perspective or c) register to do a few hours of charity work. You rock.

um. how about no.

how about i take the two minutes i saved not reading your strange email updates and write about it on my blog.


now i just feel mean.

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2 comments on “if you end your email with stuff like this i will mock you. openly”

  1. Vahdat Says:

    register to do a few HOURS of volunteer work??

    don’t feel mean, that was “redicurus”

  2. golriz Says:

    mona v. you little maniac, invite me to read your blog.
    or i will slice you.
    much love,

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