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Dec 07

in 6 sleeps

some people impulse buy chocolate bars in the supermarket check out line.
it seems that i impulse buy travel. and i’m remarkably okay with that.
thursday night i’m flying to la. let’s hope it doesn’t swallow me whole.

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3 comments on “in 6 sleeps”

  1. a penny for the old guy Says:

    um. what.
    u are seeing my mona before me.
    this is serial tresspassing lady. like… the time u tried to steal anjali, but now… u’ve totally done it.

    also i love u and hope ur all well and also tell monz i love her to bits and can’t wait to see her.

  2. 32 Flavors Says:

    my heart has a beat for each of you…

    a string section for each of you…

    and occassionaly a flute whispers…

  3. 32 Flavors Says:

    you leave tomorrow… would it be wrong if i asked you stay just a few hours more???

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