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Jan 10

it’s official. my heart no longer fits in my ribcage.

i am engaged to the sweetest, kindest, most wonderful man i know.

we have the most supportive, generous, and loving families.

we have incredible friends who fill our lives with so much laughter and happiness.

we have a Faith that promotes unity above everything else, and has the remedy to heal this troubled world.

we are engaged in work that allows us the flexibility to travel all over the globe, and collaborate with the most brilliant and creative minds we know.

and we are not taking any of it for granted.


dev & gol, LA 2009

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5 comments on “it’s official. my heart no longer fits in my ribcage.”

  1. halima corrie Says:

    ah this made my cry. I’m so happy for you sweetie. this is amazing. Lots of love and hopes for a wonderful life together. may you grow old together.

  2. Sholeh Says:

    So, SO happy for you both. It makes MY heart smile to see such wonderful people together. Love love love!!

  3. Courtney Says:

    Yay! So happy for you.

  4. mar Says:

    YAY!!!! Loves you soooo much.

  5. elizabeth Says:

    FINALLY:) Golriz is gonna be my sister! yessssssssssssss. all my love to you both!!

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