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Aug 07

language | barrier

even though we both speak english m2 and i manage to have a conversation at least once a day which goes something along these lines:

i say something
she says ‘what?!’ in an accusatory tone like i just blasphemed.
i repeat it
she says ‘golriz! NO ONE says that’. (because she is the authority on what everyone says. didn’t you know?)
i assure her that people DO say it.
and she says ‘um. no. no they don’t.

and so it goes.

today i told her i was ‘running on the spot’. (don’t ask why i was running on the spot) (because that’s not the point of the story) (although it would probably make for a good story) (but let’s get back to the issue at hand).

and she had NO clue what i was talking about.

so i repeated it. and then even elaborated…’you know, i’m running, but not around, just in one particular spot.’

she was still confused.

so, america – is this true? no one here says ‘running on the spot’ when you are running. on. the. spot? so what do you say? huh? huh?

and speaking of speaking. i am the new voice of TPAC. well not really. but when you are watching TV in nashville and you see a commercial for the Tennessee Performing Arts Center you will also hear my voice at the end of the commercial telling you the details of the show and and how to purchase tickets. The editor of the TV spots thinks that my New Zealand accent will be a point of difference to all the other commercials and result in people paying more attention. I think it is funny that he thinks I have an NZ accent, because all of my NZ friends spend at least the first four minutes of any phone conversation with me laughing and mocking my ‘American’ accent.


in other news, my navigation skills have not improved. on friday night i spent 10 minutes pouring over the map i keep in my car to figure out how to get from point (a) to point (b) and then I double-checked with someone who was also leaving the party. and then another friend came out to reiterate the directions back to my place. and then as both of these people drove behind me and followed me out of the apartment complex i got lost. while STILL in the apartment complex. before i even hit real roads I was lost. and having to do a 8 point turn to get back on track.

yeah. there is no hope for me.


so…this little segment is for you.
cryptic i know. but you know who you are.
it was good to talk. easier than imagined.
good to clear up misunderstandings.
as always, unable to resist scheming and dreaming.

are you ready for this?

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1 comment on “language | barrier”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I’m always ready….or is that I’m never ready? I don’t think I am going to be able to trust you to sit up front tho…..but then again putting you in charge of the map doesn’t sound like the ideal scenario either.

    I’m ready.

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