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Jun 07

laughter and the need for more of it

i love that in such a short amount of time i have found friends in nashville who i think are wonderful.

my workplace happens to contain some pretty amazing people and i am already so grateful for M2 and the hilarity she provides me on a consistent basis. grocery store shopping is definitely more of an experience with a girl who swears by spray-on-butter and frozen pizza. two ‘foods’ i will not be ingesting any time soon. we did buy more smoothie supplies so the magic bullet will be in action tomorrow morning. seven seconds to superb smoothie sensations. have i mentioned i adore this contraption? i should be the official spokesperson.

i’m making a trip soon people. a trip to london to visit the queen. i am so excited. soon i will start counting down in ‘sleeps’ but not yet.

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1 comment on “laughter and the need for more of it”

  1. Ladan Says:

    A-ha! I see now why you don’t get time to reply to my emails… all this galavanting about the coutry-side. Anyone would think it was summer… ;)

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