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Dec 08

letting go.

henry is not doing any better. frederick was waiting it out since the vet told him that he might just heal on his own, but i guess soon he’ll have to make a really tough decision. it’s not fair to henry to have this be his existence. not for a dog like him who lives to run.

i’m still heart broken over it. and i keep telling myself all the obvious things: it’s just a dog. it’s no longer your responsibility. there are more dogs. this is life.

but then, the other day i received these two photos below. i guess they are a sort-of-before-and-after. seeing them made my heart stand still.

i can’t really explain how much love, affection and attention was poured into this little dog. i guess it was one thing that frederick and i completely agreed on and adored without question. i remember getting up at five in the morning to hold him, like a child on the eve of an important event, i couldn’t sleep. i was so excited to spend time with him. our long daily walks in melbourne’s beautiful parks were my therapy. frederick taught him so much and his tricks kept us amused for hours.

i really miss him.

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3 comments on “letting go.”

  1. amy Says:

    i am so so sad.

  2. Jennifer Says:

    Poor little fellow. It is so sad and unfair… it breaks my heart, too.

    He isn’t just an animal. I totally understand that. I can feel my sorrow for my Malley Cat through to my bones.

  3. Afrooz Says:

    hi dear, luke and i are sad to hear this news. sending you lots of love.

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