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Sep 08

lions and tigers and bears. oh my.

this weekend i’m going on a little roadtrip with dev and his maw and paw to boone, north carolina. we are going to visit devon’s younger brother. and frolic in the mountains.

i don’t know why i wrote ‘maw’ and ‘paw’ but i think it has to do with the fact that i’ve decided that this is how people in boone talk. and i’m getting ready.

like any savvy traveler i looked up where we are going. but then i got distracted by pictures like this brilliant kodak moment.

in other news, next week sir ryan lash will be back in nashville. we will smoke hookah and drink tea and reminisce on days of yore. then we will all pile into his mum’s car and drive to austin. oh so much fun to be had.

to conclude, if you have any spare time can you whisk up an iphone roadtrip application for me? complete with games and audio books and a complete listing of all the cracker barrel’s in america?

thanks in advance.

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