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Jun 09

list of 10 things that happened since i last blogged

1. world kept spinning. hooray.
2. i remembered how much i love Jennies almond flavored macaroons. 3 measly ingredients – unsweetened coconut, honey, egg whites. morsels of magic.
3. laughed at this because it’s true
4. planned a trip to nyc for two full weeks of shenanigans in the sun.
5. survived bonnaroo for the third year in a row.
6. bought a pair of shoes that my sister (her highness of ‘cool’) would approve of.
7. went to dc for kelly & caeli’s wedding and delighted in their happiness.
8. mowed the lawns and saw two snakes. didn’t scream.
9. iran had strife ridden elections which made me sad, but also hopeful.
10. michael jackson died and i mourned along with the rest of the world.

in other news, the below picture was taken exactly one year ago. it’s wonderful to realize that i’m even more deliriously happy today than i was back then.

in other, other news, it makes me smile SO much that dev was asked to perform this song while he is in norway. i am not sure how he will do this with a straight face:

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3 comments on “list of 10 things that happened since i last blogged”

  1. Sholeh Says:

    oh goodness I hope someone gets that performance on video.

  2. Pascale Says:

    It would be pure joy to see that – Devon is a ball of sunshine (^_^)

  3. SheilaButler27 Says:

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