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Jan 08

list o’irks.

• Tea bags bursting open when I pour the hot water in resulting in tea-leafy-tea.
• Folding up all laundry to find that one mateless sock. I know this must be the most generic pet peeve but it happens to me all the time. WHERE does the other one go?
• The phrase ‘pet peeve’. It’s just sounds awful to me.
• For that matter I’m not a big fan of socks either.
• Making a spelling mistake on a birthday/greeting card and having to figure out whether it will look worse to cross it out or cover it up with white out (“twink” – oh New Zealand lingo how I miss thee).
• Ordering an extra hot latte and it arriving lukewarm.
• Lukewarm food. I want it scalding hot.
• Burning the roof of my mouth because of the aforementioned need to eat only scalding hot food and beverages.
• Voice messages where the message is just “hi. it’s me. call me back”. If you called me your number will show up on my phone and so I will call back. If you leave me a voice mail with that redundant message I might procrastinate on the call back because of my intolerance for such messages.
• Chocolate cake in the staff room the day I decide that finally today is the day I’m cutting out sugar
• Missing the mail man and getting one of those notes that you have a parcel but you have to pick it up during some designated hour at a post office that you didn’t even know existed. It’s heartbreaking to me.
• Leaving water running full force while you brush your teeth. I can’t handle the waste.
• The fact that ‘I before E except after C’ has exceptions. I always get this wrong.
• When my seatbelt has a mind of its own and doesn’t move with me and so strangles me as I turn to look at the ‘blind spot’
• Blind Spots. who needs ‘em?

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1 comment on “list o’irks.”

  1. 32 Flavors Says:

    note to self: never get chuck socks… only scalding hot hazelnut steamers.

    (ps – the peppermint ones are pretty darn yummy – if you like peppermint that is)

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