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May 08

menagerie of musings

Can we please acknowledge the awesomeness of trees?

I really love trees. Q loves trees too. But I think we love them for different reasons. His trees speak to him in their silence. They hold history and knowledge in their ever-presence. They are ancient muses with secrets and sighs to decode. We share breath with them. My trees do all this too but my love for them is less romantic perhaps and more practical. I love their colors. The rivulets that you can trace when you run your fingers over the bark. I love the shade they provide. I love the dappled light that can only be created when sunshine filters through leaves. I like their strength. I like thinking about how far their roots go and how sometimes the roots are so strong they can tear through the asphalt.

It comes as no surprise then that I also love tree houses. I found these two on today and fell in love instantly. I dare you not to.


Things I seem to always have a supply of in my fridge:

Whole Almonds
Honey – sometimes three varieties
Apples or pears
Annies organic salad dressing

Things I seem to never have a supply of in my fridge (except when Marabeth shops):


It seems I am a little misguided when it comes to the ‘staples’. Most people have cans of soup for ‘just in case’ and I have edamame and air dried crystallized ginger slices for those moments.


Top texts of the week – left anonymous to protect the innocent.

‘do you ever feel like you are starring in a movie? I feel that way all the time…especially when I have my ipod in and I’m outside (walking on campus too). I’m certain you know what I’m talking about’

‘you think I’m coming to Nashville? Pffffft’

‘I just started thinking about how much I miss you when you’re not here, and then I could feel my heartbeat in my head’

‘two fully tattooed flamenco guitarists are in a sound war with an eight year old black girl singing Selena while dancing salsa in a pink frilly tank top, while a man in a shark costume talks quietly to a creepy clown who never actually performs…just comes dressed as a clown…all true. Promenade memoirs.’


Letters to the inanimate objects that feature on my desk at work – the sequel

Dear green lamp,

Even though I have these glaring overhead fluorescent lights over my head I still come to my desk every morning and turn you on. It’s almost like I’m pretending the overhead lights don’t exist and I refuse to acknowledge their garish brightness. You, on the other hand, with your faux brass stand and your dainty chain, have class and refinement. You are my favorite green. The color of granny smith apples and new spring grass, in fact, if friendliness was a color it would be the color of your green.

Dear all purpose correction fluid,

Why do I even bother keeping you around? You are pretty much useless. In New Zealand you were called ‘twink’, I guess that was your brand name. In this land you are commonly referred to as ‘white out’. The thing is, no matter what name you go by, you are just annoying. You used to be a life saver when I was at school but you had your day, but now you’ve been replaced with ctrl x or the backspace/delete key. If I mess up on paper I may as well start from scratch. I don’t like writing over you because you never really dry or cover up the mistake so it ends up looking worse than it did before I applied you. I have some appreciation for your cousin – the dry strips that you can roll onto paper…but I guess that is too expensive for my non-profit theater to carry in stock. So I’m here to say it’s over. We’re done. Don’t call me.

Dear bottle of Glaceua Smart Water,

You were purchased a long time ago because I wanted a whole liter of water and I was swayed by your sleek lines. You are the perfect shape to hold and so I kept you around. Each morning I fill you up and sip away during my day. I have read all this stuff about plastic leaking and I’m sure it would be better if you were made of glass but for now I’m just going to be reassured with the thought that drinking lots of water is so good for me it counteracts the plastic leakage into my bloodstream. You also have pretty sassy copy on your label. I hadn’t read it until now and you do have a good point about the fact that clouds get a bad rap whereas they are nature’s purest source of water. I do think it’s odd that you have a ‘best buy’ date printed on you however. What happens after that date? Ooh…plastic leakage?

I might need to invest in a voss bottle. Gosh, I just realized – I’m a marketers dream.

Dear calendar,

You and I have had an interesting relationship. I used to relish crossing off the days. I was counting down to all sorts of exciting events and endings and beginnings. Now I’m not as consistent with marking the days off. I think this is because I’m pretty content and not in any hurry to zoom forward in time. Right now feels pretty fantastic actually. I will say, for the record, that no matter how much I try to embrace on line calendars or my outlook calendar, I still really like the tangible paper version that you are. I like glancing at my week and seeing all the notes I’ve scribbled in.

My fondness of you probably stems from the long term relationship I’ve had with calendars and diaries. Jasmine and I kept the most elaborate diaries in high school which contained all of our notes back and forth in class, pictures we’d glue in etc. I am sure that if we pulled them out today we’d have so much perfect content for a cringe show.

stumbled upon this little site that contains notes/letters/receipts that people find in random places and upload…like this and this.

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2 comments on “menagerie of musings”

  1. Ghetto Blaster Says:

    when i invest in my first home, i refuse to buy it if it does not have an adequate tree to hold a treehouse.

    soul sisters to the tee!

    p.s. i think i could name off all the senders of those texts- well, i have 2 out of the 4 down for sure. i think i just may steal ure blogging of texts idea. muhaha ;)

  2. amy Says:

    trees are beautiful and staples are relative!

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