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Mar 08

mistakes i’ve made. and hopefully learned from. and those i keep making.

1. packing four cans of red bull into my luggage
2. sarcastically telling someone at a party that you are supposed to shake hands with your right hand duh! – only to find out he was missing his right arm
3. refusing to buy thermals or wool socks (or any kind of appropriate winter attire) while living in maine. it’s a wonder my toes didn’t fall off from frost bite.
4. thinking that i couldn’t get sunburnt on a florida beach on an overcast day.
5. flushing a whole salmon down the toilet in an attempt to clean out the fridge.
6. entering in a coloring competition under my brother’s name. (he ‘won’, got his picture in the paper and his prize was a bed shaped like a racecar.)
7. overdosing on citric acid – resulting in ‘cwipple lip’
8. ironing pants while wearing them
9. flushing plastic fruit (props for a play) down the toilet backstage of my highschool auditorium. (uhm. do we see a theme here?)
10. driving headfirst into a tree on my 16th birthday
11. underestimating the black diamond run at the mt. hutt ski slopes
12. cutting all my hair off in an attempt to look like winona ryder

mistakes i keep making and obviously not learning from:

1. when breaking the fast i THINK i can eat more than i actually can. but yet inevitably i pile up my plate and eat it rapidly with glee and then suffer the feeling of being way too full for the rest of the night. so full that i have to lay on my back on the carpet of my living room floor and in awe that i was ever hungry in the first place. moral of the story: slow down. chew. take breaths. eat half and wait a bit.
2. driving too fast. i don’t think i can get out of any more speeding tickets. i’ve used up all good and lame excuses.
3. writing stuff on my blog that causes my mum to worry. see #2.
4. asking for my coffee to be extra hot and then burning my tongue on it when my order is made correctly.
5. never being prepared for the weather. i lack an umbrella on rainy days and sunglasses on sunny days. it would make sense to carry both at all times – especially in nashville where the weather changes every hour – but that would mean being prepared and i like to live on the edge ;) actually, i just don’t like carrying stuff.
6. buying orchids. let’s face it – they are high maintanance plants and not one i have had has lived for longer than two weeks. it’s time to quit.
7. when they say to get to the airport two hours in advance it’s actually not a formality. i should at least TRY to get there so i don’t have to keep doing the frantic mad dash to the gate
8. not reading washing instructions resulting in many a shrunken item of clothing
9. keeping the volume up on my speakers at work which means i get busted with a very loud DING every time someone tries to message me using g-chat
10. not getting salt and vinegar chips for dinner when that is all i really want. succumb to the craving already!

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2 comments on “mistakes i’ve made. and hopefully learned from. and those i keep making.”

  1. RitaJeane Says:

    Gol…getting to the airport 2 hours early IS way overrated. I refuse. Cute D. thinks it’s a grand idea for me to come to Knoxville next week. We are working on tickets.

  2. leila Says:

    because of where i was born and because my only nightmares ARE ABOUT MISSING FLIGHTS, i tend to arrive at airports at least three hours before my flight leaves.

    continuing to love your lists!

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