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// she's only happy in the sun.
Nov 07

mmm for muffins

so i’m pretty proud of my mega muffins. each time they turn out a little different. which makes sense since there is no recipe that i follow. no real process. no flour and definitely no rising agent. they are a mish mash of whatever i think would work in a muffin. the base is always a couple of bananas, but the rest of the batch changes according to what we have in the fridge. this particular batch contains museli and raspberries. you can’t really go wrong with that combo. they are also sugar-free, yeast-free and chocolate-free. yet still delicious. okay i’ll stop raving about them now.


hung out with a friend tonight that i’ve been meaning to catch up with for weeks. we sat on my yellow couch, hot tea in hand and talked and sighed and talked some more. it was nice to share and also not have to explain everything because the other person ‘gets it’. call it intuition, or just the common experience of the fragility that comes with being human. whatever it is, dealing with those moments can be easier when you share them with someone else who has felt the same way. they may not have the answers, but at least can identify with the feelings. and simply say, ‘i know’.


ryan lash is back in america.
this makes me happy.
we’ve been friends for about 15 years.
that makes me feel old.
ry travels the globe and probably has more stamps in his passport than i have freckles on my face. that is a lot of stamps. he’s going to be in austin for a week and i’d love to go and visit him. spend time with B too. but that doesn’t fit into my current plan of desperately needing to sleep and rest over the weekend because during the weeks i’m running on empty.


today, driving home from work, i really missed henry. every now and then it will hit me like a wave. my friends who live in melbourne know my intense love for this little creature. he brought me a ridiculous amount of joy. taking him on walks was often the best part of my day. it was so good for me to be outside. in the sun. talking to strangers and making new friends at the park. watching him run with wild abandon and chase squirrels up trees. some days we’d walk along lygon street, i’d grab a latte and happily stroll down ‘little italy’ together. i truly loved taking care of him. i loved walking into our apartment and having him sit up in his bed, tail wagging at warp speed – so excited that i was finally home. i know that people get attached to their pets, and think their own is the best/cutest/smartest/most personable. and i was no different. one day i’ll get another dog. and i’m sure it will be lovable and perfect in it’s own way. but i think i will always have to swallow back the lump in my throat when i think about henry.


grand canyon over christmas break might be my latest plan.
see you there?


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  1. leila Says:

    yes yes yes but what about your pre-thanksgiving break? what about that? HUH?


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