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Aug 07

more mug madness

i’m sorry if you are tired of all this mug talk. but i had to show you my work mug. if only because it is a tad on the scary side. it is an ‘annie’ mug. you know, orphan annie? i don’t know why orphan annie has gaping white holes for eyes. but on my mug she does. should i ever leave TPAC, i’m taking the mug with me. to add to my collection. and to scare guests with.

in other news nashville is still hot. too hot. we are at 109 today…even now, it’s pitch black outside so you can’t blame the sun and it is still that hot. and to add to the fun the a/c at my apartment is broken. the timing is impeccable. the a/c man called me a little while ago and said he wouldn’t be here until tomorrow morning because he had 9 other units to fix. i told him that by the time he arrived i’d be in a liquid state because i’m melting. he wasn’t phased. i guess he’s heard a lot worse tonight.

today i thought of two random things as i was walking back to my car over the bridge…one was that when you are landing/taking off (basically not flying above the clouds) american school buses look like gold ingots from up above. it’s especially cool when they are all parked together…look out for this next time you are flying over the us-of-a.

the other thought i had (and i warned you it was random) was that one of my favorite moments is the fraction of a second just before two hands hold. in general i’m not an avid hand holder. i’m an arm linker or an arms loosely around each others backs person…except that i have a secret hand hold. which is so much better than the ordinary conventional hold. or even the variations that i’ve seen. anyway. it’s amazing how firm my belief is that no one else has ever thought to hold hands in this particular, unique way. i feel like i came up with it. ridiculous. i know.

had a long overdue talk with a good friend tonight. it is amazing how a year ago i had no idea this person existed and now they are one of my favorite people. if only because they give me sound advice without any expectation that i will follow it. and no reprimanding when i choose not to, and instead, make a mess of everything. it’s a situation where they could easily say ‘i told you so’ but they don’t. and that makes me even more grateful for their friendship.

i’ve run out of chilled watermelon. i wonder if the ‘no swimming after dusk’ rule applies on nights this hot? rules shmules.


p.s. who needs an iphone when you get text messages signed off with this: |sent from my iprosthetic leg.

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