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Jan 08

new life sunday.

hello somewhat neglected blog. hello space in my life to wake up whenever my body decides it wants to. no jarring alarm required. hello luxury of sitting still and quietly on a sunday morning. making a breakfast of organic 8 grain hot cereal to start my day.

it’s not that i haven’t loved and enjoyed the frenzy that has been my life since the begining of this new year but i am ready to get my life back in order. to have some semblance routine. to sleep at decent hours and not wake up with my jaws clenched together.

the next few weeks i’m gifting to myself. i’m going to be somewhat selfish i guess when it comes to being accessible to others. but i know that my friends understand why my phone may be turned off, why a call isn’t returned promptly and why on a sunday i may not get out of my pajamas because i just want to create art or read or write or think without the pressure of having to see someone, or be somewhere or doing something.

i’m excited to have some breathing room. and as i write this it is all very familiar because i’ve written it before. it seems to be a theme with me: constant movement and momentum and then a crashing and recentering. i guess i need to find a consistent middle ground. or not. perhaps it’s okay to just go with the ebb and flow and not fight it either way.

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