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Sep 08

no bears. but bliss nonetheless.

i loved our weekend escapade to banner elk, north carolina.

first of all, how can you not be charmed by a place called ‘banner elk’. the name alone conjures up steaming hot cocoa in a log cabin.

it reminded me a lot of small towns in new zealand – what with the clean air, the mountains, the rivers, waterfalls and good, wholesome, toothless people. actually i have no idea if they were wholesome. but i can’t imagine how you could live in that kind of natural loveliness and not be a nice person.

the weekend was full without any real agenda – my favorite. we explored collin’s college and drank copious cups of coffee. we fed ducks. and napped. we played pool and i found out dev is a ping pong pro. we learned useless trivia and hurt our brains playing boggle. i ate the best lasagna of my life and got to do it all with a family that adores each other and life in general. can’t really beat that.


in other news, a lot of tennessee gas stations are running dry because of the shortage due to the hurricane. so then people went crazy and decided to panic and keep topping up their tanks causing huge lines. supposedly there was a shooting the other day because someone cut in line to get gas. it makes me wonder what americans would do if crisis really hit. not just ‘i can’t drive my SUV because it’s out of gas’ crisis, but ‘i can’t feed my child’ crisis. how would we handle real adversity?


this week i’m eagerly anticipating the arrival of lashface.
i’m also planning on going to a yoga class. or hiring two people to grab my arms and legs and stretch me out. the second option sounds like a lot less work on my part and perhaps more satisfying.


over the weekend i met a screech owl at the wildlife rehabilitation center. and now i want one. if you saw it you would want one too.

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