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Aug 07

no rules. just right.

every now and then i crave outback steakhouse. outback has this menu item called the ‘joey meal’. it’s for kids under 10 – and it is a smaller size steak and a side. the perfect quantity and so this is what i always order. and if they say no…which rarely happens, i smile and point to their slogan on the menu to remind them that it says ‘no rules, just right’. and then i get my way.

so if you ever go to this fine dining establishment (probably the only american chain restaurant i don’t hold a grudge against) you too can try the ‘no rules, just right’ caveat. is that an appropriate use of caveat? is that even how it is spelled? i am not sure and i can’t be bothered looking it up. hmm…my editing/publishing degree just makes more sense every day doesn’t it?


often my weeknights consist of jc, m2 and i having ‘table time’. this is when we gather around the table with our respective laptops and hold disjointed conversation and share stories that are always unfinished. inevitably one of us is inappropriately dressed. i don’t want to point fingers. but let’s just say it isn’t me or jc. (look at me using the fancy strike through code). anyway i remembered that jc often wears dress socks (pulled up no less) with basketball shorts which is inappropriate also.

m2 and i decided to capture table time on camera. but it isn’t the same without jc in the shot. and you really need to be there to hear the conversation which usually goes something like this:

jc: so then there was this great…
g to m2: oh wait. did i show you this picture?
m2: hold on i’m reading a survey…
jc: and…
m2: golriz! why are you playing weird music?
g: wow. read this
m2: bloke?! what is a bloke?
g: how do you not know what a bloke is? who are you?
m2: golriz! no one says that. oh dear.
jc: (voice trailing off)
g: sorry jc. i’m listening. finish the story
jc: okay so we were at this…
m2: aw…presh. she wrote about me.
g to m2: um why are you frowning?
m2: my eyes are hurting. i don’t think i’ve taken my contacts out in four days
jc: (gives up telling the story)

it doesn’t seem entertaining i know, but for whatever reason it is. and sometimes we’ll mix things up with a zillapede spotting. zillapedes are basically centipedes on steroids. terrifying.

eclectic saturday playlist – on repeat

golden touch – razorlight
in repair – john mayer
can’t stand me now – the libertines
world where you live – pearl jam
typical – mute math
slow dancing in a burning room – john mayer
flight direct – breakfast song
the greatest – cat power
distant sun – crowded house
to be alone with you – sufjan stevens
fear of fireflies – calla
such great heights – iron and wine
cannonball – damien rice


it’s five thirty pm on a saturday. i might get out of my pjamas now. or i might not. depends if someone has a convincing enough argument for doing so.


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