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Mar 08

not a fan of

- the buzzing sound that electrical appliances make. in fact, ‘not a fan’ is a gross understatement. the sound really disturbs me. i can hear it as an undercurrent to all the other noises in the room. i want to invent a line of appliances that are completely silent. so silent not even dogs can hear them. or bats.

- hard cover books. they look good on shelves but they are annoying to hold and read. unless they are totally worn in.

- regular supermarkets. whole foods has spoiled me. i can spend hours there. and i do.

- certain fonts. if you write to me in ‘comic sans’ i think it might be a deal breaker.

- fussy eaters. if you say something has ‘too much flavor’ i might give you daggers. sorry.

- luke warm showers. (maz and i spent our first night here dismantling our hot water tank in order to figure out how to turn up the heat. it was amazing no one was electrocuted in the process since we had NO idea what we were doing). now we are professionals. i love learning how to do stuff like that. so next time i can be all ‘turn off the breakers and hand me a flat head. i’ll take care of it’.

- incense.

- air conditioning. if open windows is an option then it’s the only way to go.

in other news i watched this commercial where people got into these plastic bubble things and they rolled down a hill. i really need to incorporate this activity into 2008.

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  1. Sneezy Says:

    The noise is a high pitched one? As we get older, our ability to hear the highest pitches diminishes. So in the next decade or so you may be hearing insider the normal hearing range rather at superhuman ranges. :)

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