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Nov 08

not really a ‘watch person’ but…

for these, i might change my mind.

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2 comments on “not really a ‘watch person’ but…”

  1. a penny for the old guy Says:

    right, so- i almost bought one of those. but then, i kept trying different ones on and thinking, dammit, what time is it? I know you get used to it eventually, but… yeah.

    they do look super duper cool though.

    that’s my two pennies worth.

  2. the little z Says:

    aah, i saw these watches at a store window last year whilst randomly walking around…
    and i just keep thinking about them!

    maybe this is a sign that i should start saving up for that specific watch (that and the fact that my old watch just ran out of batteries and i’m lazy to change them..)

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