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Sep 07

on the cusp of october

these amazing designs are created by melody marshall habibi using facebook’s ‘graffiti’ application. i so wish i could get them printed up on huge canvasses for my wall.

so i think ‘cusp’ is a pretty fantasic word. maybe because it is similar to ‘crepuscular’ which is one of my alltime favorite words. crepuscular means twilight or something to do with twilight. what is not to love about twilight?

anyway, october is already busy and it has yet to begin. many people i know and love have birthdays in october. i’ll be travelling to memphis and tuscon for work. and my official broadway season will open with my fair lady. and then before i know it, it will be november. and boots weather. i love my boots. and i am more than a little excited about busting them out on nashville’s streets. they are cream, scrunchy and wooden heeled. i’m also tempted to get some real deal cowboy boots. i know. this is what nashville has done to me. oh well.

it’s list time i think.

why my weekend was wonderful

holley seals (enough said)
delicious lucayan salad at calypso cafe
meandering through centennial park enjoying the arts & crafts fair
seeing a dog that looked like a polar bear
devouring homemade fudge
the abundance of sunshine
a cryptic text, that once decoded made me smile for the rest of the day
being with good friends and having great conversations till 4am
being so thoroughly entertained by the process of deciding what to watch with the options that video on demand presented us with
not succumbing to watching a movie called ‘venom’
sleeping in on sunday
intense and long overdue yoga class
reading in my tree house
eva cassidy’s voice


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  1. Anonymous Says:

    thanks for the birthday wishes………..not, I guess my bday would have to be Oct for you to remember. And I’ve not left my name, so you will agonize about it for awhile.

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