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Mar 08

one of my vices: diet coke with lots of freshly squeezed lime. khayli meechaspeh.

so dawn and dusk pictures are not as easy to take as i had anticipated. i’m not a fan of using the flash when i take pictures because of how it changes colors…but capturing objects when there is little natural light is really hard. i need a tripod. or less shaky hands.

i spent most of my day in a film editing suite creating a ten minute montage for the Tennessee Performing Arts Center’s upcoming 08/09 Season Launch event. this little ten minute film took SIX hours to create. i have such respect for filmmakers. it’s such detail oriented work. the smallest edits can make such a difference. and hours of work are poured into a frame or two.

it occurred to me the other day that i have one of those jobs that i didn’t know ever existed. i had never considered what went into marketing theater…it just hadn’t occured to me. when the job description was emailed to me (while i was still working with CAA) i remember reading it and thinking i would love this role. problem was i had no background in marketing. no business degree…no experience in marketing and PR and just had completed my MA in publishing and editing so it wasn’t really a position that i was well-groomed for…but i wanted it.

to this day i think my oddly unidentifiable accent got me the job. and the fact that i didn’t hold back in the interview. i love theater and i figured i can sell anything i love. i’m sure i used lots of hand gestures and excited-too-fast-talking to get this point across.

i am lucky because i really do enjoy my work. i was reading a list i had written a year ago describing what i wanted in my next job and i was able to check off all of the requirements. working within the arts and entertainment industry, having autonomy, being creative, having stability, travelling, being challenged, healthy work environment, non corporate, non repetitive, collaborative, social…all the elements that were important to me are covered. in a months time i fly to New York for a week-long Broadway League conference. a chance to network with other broadway marketing managers from around the States, attend workshops and go to a bunch of Broadway shows. i am staying in a boutique hotel in Times Square and i’m only a LITTLE bit excited. :) that is a total lie. i’m inordinately excited.

i’m also tacking on some time the weekend before and after to visit nyc friends. i expect to come back tired and poor. blame the city that never sleeps, the great shopping and recent transplant roya azadi.


want to expand your mind today? do some research on Epigenetics…in my oversimplified terms this is the study of how the cells in the body, even DNA is affected by ones thoughts. marabeth is reading a book titled ‘the biology of belief’ and it describes how genes and DNA do not control our biology…but rather our DNA is controlled by signals outside the cell, including energetic messages emanating from our positive and negative thoughts.

woah (!) is right.


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4 comments on “one of my vices: diet coke with lots of freshly squeezed lime. khayli meechaspeh.”

  1. a penny for the old guy Says:

    um. woah indeed (served with mild to moderate sarcasm).

    as in: whatever helps you sleep at night making believe that chocolate actually mutilates your cells. (ahem)

  2. capone Says:

    here here penny man.

  3. amy Says:

    can’t wait to see you in nyc!!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Careful with the hotel in Times Square…haven’t had a lot of luck the last couple of times I have stayed there. Where are you staying?- Courtney

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