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Mar 08

one week wiser?

in the last week i have:

a) decided that i really want to start whittling wood as a hobby. maybe not ‘whittling’ per se but carving. i want to start with spoons and then maybe work towards a bowl. when i was about six or seven i found a thick twig and i smoothed it with sandpaper and grated it against the asphalt until it had a pointed end. my six-year-old imagination declared that it was a magical pen. i still have this odd piece of wood somewhere amongst all my things.

b) converted a dryer with a three prong power cord to a four prong power cord. this was no easy feat and it didn’t help to know that if i messed up i would electrocute myself and most probably die. that’s a lot of pressure. i took off the three prong cord and then conducted a two hour mission around nashville today to find a place that would sell a four prong cord. i found out that these ‘cords’ are actually called ‘pig tails’ in the ‘industry’. i also found out that walking into a hardware store in heels does nothing for your credibility. this annoyed me.

with marabeth cheering me on, her brother on speaker phone telling us the history of electricity (actually he was super helpful and very patient), and holley searching the web and finding all sorts of contradictory advice, i attempted to piece it all together. there was lots of confusion and forehead-banging against the back of the dryer. but the end result? dryer works. i’m alive. so it’s a win win.

c) decided to no longer text and drive. hands are at ten-to-two on the steering wheel. and nashville’s roads are much safer.

d) made a conscious effort to drink more h2O.

e) not gotten enough sleep.

f) learned how to install a peep hole.

g) learned that maz is somewhat OCD and she will probably never get over the fact that the peep hole is not centered.

h) missed new zealand more than usual

i) eaten an inordinate amount of little lad’s popcorn

j) decided i want to buy a drill and a real toolbox

k) been humbled by the request to be a godparent

l) considered being a vegetarian again

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2 comments on “one week wiser?”

  1. amy Says:

    you would make a wonderful godparent!!! and im glad you didnt die. for real.

  2. Ghetto Blaster Says:

    at changing times 2006, i forgot that i needed an extra piece to my plug converter for my hairdryer that changes the voltage…soooo, i blew the fuse in my dorm at 6am on the first day(kels and i were all turned around, awake at 5am and giggled while everyone slept) trying to straighten my hair like a true california girl. I know the feeling of almost electrocuting yourself, scary!

    p.s. i would like to buy a whittled wand from you.

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