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// she's only happy in the sun.
Apr 08

only boring people are bored.

yesterday evening i decided i wanted to learn how to play the guitar. marabeth has one that she bought a long time ago, with intentions to learn that didn’t really eventuate (yet), so i dusted it off – tuned it and was surprised by how many wannabe guitar instructors there are on youtube. there are also a few too many emo teens sitting in their bedrooms mournfully singing and strumming. i found this one british guy who has uploaded a whole series of lessons so, with freshly cut fingernails, i learned d chord. then g, a, c, a minor, e, e minor and f. i then found the chords to ben harper songs and proceeded to massacre them. i was entertained for at least 4 hours and then had to stop because my fingertips hurt too much. i’m going to keep practicing and perhaps one day soon buy a guitar. and then like my poor gocco print, it will be shelved because the novelty will have worn off. gosh. i’m so predictable.


i’m drinking fusion white and green tea and it’s delicious. i’ve mentioned it before but it must be reiterated, i love tea. my stock favorite used to be twinings earl grey. then i found sadaf tea at the persian store which is infused with cardamom and mmm it wins.

i also have ‘tea’ memories. or teas that remind me of moments/places/people.

earl grey mixed with jasmine is my dad’s signature drink. he’d have this every night with dates. when we were young and my parents were trying to protect us from the vice of caffeine, we would get a mug of hot water with a tiny dash of tea and a spoon of sugar. i felt so grown up.

pg tips reminds me of TRA’s tiny kitchen in london where i escaped for a week when i needed it most.

good earth green tea with lemon grass takes me right back to the landry’s dining table in maine, drinking out of a beautiful ceramic mug.

recently i’ve been introduced to rose tea and it’s heavenly. especially with a dash of half & half, and agave. mmm.

chai tea reminds me of m2 all the way. she was one who taught me to order chai with no water. makes a world of difference even if you do sound like one of those pretentious people whose drink order is a long chain of directives like mine has now become ‘tall soy chai, as hot as you can legally make it with no water’. ahem.


list of things i have a difficult time walking past and NOT purchasing

- patchwork quilts
- hour glasses
- green anything
- vintage camel colored leather handbags
- long gauzy scarfs
- fresh flowers. especially dark purple tulips and orchids.
- plaid shirts. seriously, how much plaid does one person’s wardrobe need?
- cowboy boots. suddenly i want a pair. let’s blame nashville.
- oatmeal cookies the size of my head. but you wouldn’t pass them up either.
- anything in wholefoods produce section. have you noticed how they present the fruits and vegetables like it’s a work of art? i’m taking my camera next time. it is gorgeous. the colors, the geometry of it all. i stood in front of beets, celery and a menagerie of lettuce heads, completely enraptured.
- trampolines. i haven’t actually walked passed any, but i’m constantly thinking about how i want one.


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2 comments on “only boring people are bored.”

  1. Ghetto Blaster Says:

    personal testimony: this woman here as amazing guitar skills- after her short lesson from the old man on youtube i personally experienced gol’s musical excellence with a wonderful performance of ben harper.

    brava, beautiful woman, brava!

  2. amy Says:

    i love your lists, your collection of random facts about yourself, life, what you are doing, what you like/dislike.

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