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Mar 08

photo credit: toby robert anderson

someone recently was talking to me about finding their life partner. she said the secret to her success was not going for her ‘type’ but rather finding her ‘complement’.
she didn’t really elaborate. but at the time it made perfect sense. now i’m a bit more fuzzy. what if your ‘type’ and your ‘complement’ are the same? and how do you know if they are not?

and on that note. well not really related at all except for the fact that it reminded me of the color wheel and complimentary colors – i love this photograph for its bright blue and orange.

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2 comments on “photo credit: toby robert anderson”

  1. Sneezy Says:

    There is a Psychotherapy concept of the imago… a prototype we have in our heads of the perfect person. The idea being we consistently are attracted to people who are close to this prototype. When this prototype is not right for us, relationship after relationship will fail because we are trying to make something work despite the past experiences.

    Not saying that is correct or incorrect, but I think it matches what she said.

    The same psychotherapists recommend we instead recognize we are often initially attracted to people who are not good for us. We should be more systematic. First, we need to recognize what we bring to a relationship. Next, we need to recognize our deficiencies. Finally, when we start dating someone, we ought to consider how our abilities will help the potential mate and the mate’s skills will help us.

    To me, this is all theory. I don’t know anyone who has intentionally put it into practice.

  2. Sneezy Says:

    Heh. Forgot to check the email comments to myself in case you wanted to respond…

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