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Mar 08


i adore polaroids. there is something about the risk. the instant gratification of having a photograph in hand only moments later. if it was a digital shot it would probably be deleted. but even the bad polaroids seem great. i’m thinking of doing a whole ‘door’ series. and then a ‘window’ series. i definitely want our fridge to be plastered with polariods of the faces of the people we love.

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3 comments on “polaroids”

  1. Jason Says:

    Hey. I am a friend of John Cade and Patrick Moore. I got here from John’s blog.

    I just wanted to tell you to be sure and buy all the film for your Polaroids now. They are not making the instamatic film anymore.


  2. samimi-extremie Says:

    golriz: polaroids are my favorite too. you should go to and fight for their life. also, i did a whole series on doors a while back, i think i have about 60 great door photos. i’d love to see what you do!

  3. golriz Says:

    jason – thanks for the note. i did hear about this and it makes me want to keep a huge stock pile of polaroid film. :)
    layli – i LOVE your polaroid shots. i want to see your door ones! have you ever tried doing polaroid transfers onto watercolor paper? yet another art project for a rainy day :)

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