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Oct 08

senior boomer expo

this is where i spent my morning. it was one of the most entertaining things i’ve done in a while. here are the things i learned:

- the elderly love free stuff. it doesn’t matter what it is. if it is free, they want it. in fact, they want lots of it. they pillaged our booth and cleared it of pens and stickers.

- they are awesome. they don’t care what you think. they don’t try to be cool. they have lived through hard times and survived. they are resourceful and feisty and if they want to dress head to toe in the american flag, they will.

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1 comment on “senior boomer expo”

  1. Ashley Says:

    she needs the TOMS vote shoes:

    p.s. spastic blogger, you!
    p.p.s. i shouldn't talk: i lack in blogging these days.

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