// she's only happy in the sun.
Aug 07

…september’s coming soon…

so m2 and i went on a long walk
in one hundred degree weather
and then decided to disregard all rules
and go night swimming
we were not put off by the big closed sign
or the fact that the gate to the pool was locked
we climbed the fence
(we are getting good at this)
and it was so worth it.
the water was
deliciously cool
and we tried not to laugh too loudly
because we were sure we’d hear the ‘voice’ that would reprimand us for our flagrant disobedience
so we plotted that if that happened
i would put on the strongest nz accent i could muster
and say that i had no idea what “dusk” was
and m2 would just nod
and i would say she was my mute sister
so we had it all planned
and we drifted around
under the stars
talked about life. love. losing ourselves and figuring it all out.
and now i have REM stuck in my head

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