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Apr 08

she sells sea shells

one of the loveliest parts of my job is getting to travel to see touring broadway shows. right now i’m in madison, connecticut for work – tonight we’re watching ‘happy days – the musical’. yes, happy days with the fonz. that one. i know. stop rolling your elitist eyes :) it’s on our season so i need to preview it so i can “market it effectively”. you know what else i need? trips to quaint little seaside towns in the northeast. it’s so picturesque and pretty. i feel like i’m in a bronte book. even the hotel room is adorable – complete with wrought iron head boards and floral wallpaper AND wireless. that’s the perfect combination of 1800’s english charm and the jetsons.

amanda and i (amanda does PR at TPAC) flew into NYC this morning and rented a car (that sort of looks like a cross between a PT cruiser and hearse) and drove up. the drive reminded me that i love the northeast and that GPS systems are wonderful. we’ve named ours Maureen. she is a little authoritative/bossy. reminds me to put my seatbelt on JUST as i’m about to do it. like an overprotective parent. i almost want to talk back to it/her.

we had a delicious lunch of lobster bisque and caramelized vidalia onion tarte with goat cheese. mmm. and now i really need to walk along the oceanside.

okay – so i just heard a lot of revelry outside and peered off the balcony to find a bunch of men in black pleather cloaks mingling around. anyone care to explain? i very shamelessly took pictures because i knew you wouldn’t believe me if i told you about it and i needed proof.

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2 comments on “she sells sea shells”

  1. amy Says:

    interesting leather gathering! welcome back to the northeast – i hope it treats you well…
    and happy days the musical? where can i see it???

  2. golriz Says:

    you can see it in nashville when it comes to my theater! or east haddam – which is where i’m going tonight :)
    i’ll be in nyc tomorrow! are you free for coffee?

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