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Jun 09

side projects and other shenanigans

side project:
i’ve teamed up with andrew lobo to work on the edit owl team. i’m not sure how to squeeze this into my no-time-for-pausing-life, but where there’s a will, there’s several hours of sleep to be forsaken, so i’ll make it happen. very exciting!

sort-of side project:
i am growing a garden. by that i mean i have a patch of dirt in the backyard where i planted parsley, asparagus, strawberries, dill, basil and a japanese eggplant. i have no idea how a japanese eggplant is different to a regular eggplant, but i’m really hoping it comes complete with a microchip that allows it to cook itself into a delicious meal.

ending ichats:
i’ve decided it’s always awkward. ‘bye’ just doesn’t cut it. but i loathe abbreviations like BRB or TTYL so what am i to do? i think i might start signing off with panic ridden statements like ‘oh god, there are ninjas at the door. gotta run’

at least then i’m keeping it exciting.

my friends holley and crystal have started a tea party catering business called peace|love|tea. you should hire them.

dev and i have press passes to bonnaroo. we are going to be shooting video for SoulPancake and trying not to pass out from the heat and the hippies.

past weekend of merriment:
dev’s beautiful sister courtney married the lovely andy primus. the wedding was gorgeous and i could go on in gushing tones, but the pictures speak for themselves.

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  1. Shereen Says:

    i enjoyed this post. especially ninjas and plants with microchips.

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