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// she's only happy in the sun.
Apr 08

so far i’ve learned…

1. if you pay an exorbitant price for a hotel room in new york it will still not come with breakfast or free internet. BUT it may come with a lovely housekeeping staff member who comes to my room every day at 4pm and gives me a card with the weather forecast for tomorrow on it. today i received a little check box on the ‘sunshine’ image and the average temp. i so need one of these people at home so i stop dressing so inappropriately. i know i could look up the weather. but i’ll leave that to practical/sensible people like your dad (and marabeth). who is going to kill me for writing that.

2. that some clever person is going to start advertising on the MOON. well i saw an ad for ‘full moon’ ads and there was an image of an image being beamed (by laser i assume) onto the moon. if i understood the ad correctly you could pay to promote your service/product on the moon. i thought this was cool for about two minutes and then realized i’d be more than a little annoyed if the beautiful moon was covered with ads. so i’m hoping i misunderstood the point of the billboard.

3. i really am so lucky to have the job i have. as i sat a few rows from the stage watching the phenomenal morgan freeman in ‘the country girl’ i said a silent prayer of thanks. because honestly, this is a dream job for me. working in the theater, in the arts industry is so perfectly aligned with so many of my passions. i remember the first play that i saw, and the first that i acted in. both left huge impressions on me and cultivated a love for the stage that has never lost its novelty. i know that many people work just for the pay check, it’s a means to an end and that’s it, so i’m not taking for granted the fact that i truly enjoy my job and how lucky i am to be working hands on in an industry i love so much.

4. i keep unintentionally comparing new york to nashville. which i know isn’t fair. so far here is the running tally:

- good lattes are easy to come by in this city. new york 1 – nashville 0
- new yorkers have no problem walking right into you and scowling as they elbow you in the ribs. new york 1 – nashville 1
- street fashion here is amazing. i keep wanting to stop people and take their pictures new york 2 – nashville 1
- but then i realize they are too cool and too busy to oblige, whereas in nashville they’d be gracious and flattered. new york 2 – nashville 2
- walking in new york is essential. i’m lucky to find a sidewalk in nashville. new york 3- nashville 2
- driving in new york is basically asking to die. new york 3 – nashville 3
- new york doesn’t sleep so there is always something to do. new york 4- nashville 3
- nashville on a week night is a sleepy village but that means you don’t feel lame and like you are missing out on anything if you curl up on the couch with a book. or a dvd. or an art project. new york 4 – nashville 4

so you see, it all evens out. :) not really. but since i have to go back to nashville i am trying not to fall head over heels in love with this city.

5. i’m putting an end to awkward elevator moments. from now on i’m going to think of ways to obliterate those few seconds of discomfort. i don’t know what my game plan is yet, feel free to make suggestions.

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  1. amy Says:

    it’s ok if you want to keep score and smudge your findings. you and i know the truth ;)

  2. Anonymous Says:

    wow, we have really similar blog posts right now! :)


  3. Kagahn Says:

    See Please Here

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